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Forklift safety tips, what precautions should be taken before operating the forklift?

Counts:215    Time: 22-09-06    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

Forklifts are essential tools for warehouses and factories. They can lift thousands of pounds of cargo and move them from one place to another. Forklifts are also used on construction sites and other industries that require them to transport heavy materials.

Operating a forklift at any time of the day is relatively safe if you operate it correctly. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to safety precautions to avoid accidents.

Forklifts are safer to use during the day, the line of sight can be good, and many accidents can be prevented in advance. However, when working at night, the risk of accidents increases significantly due to worker fatigue and distraction.
(Forklift safety management).
Now, let's dive into some of the safety tips you should know before driving a forklift.

1, make sure you have a nationally certified special equipment operator certificate

Before you operate the forklift, make sure that you have a nationally certified special equipment operator certificate, that is, a forklift certificate.

Lack of training is a very common cause of forklift-related injuries. You should make sure that your training is conducted correctly according to OSHA standards.

You should always be responsible when operating a forklift. Is your training new? If not, further education courses are required.

Don't wait for your boss to give you a training opportunity. You know exactly if you need more training.

Lack of training can lead to serious accidents, so take your training seriously.

2. Check whether the forklift is defective

before each operation If you want to operate the forklift, make sure it is in good condition.

Inspect all parts of the machine, including tires, brakes, steering, transmissions, and engines. These are just the forklift parts you should check before you operate.

Before each operation, make sure your supervisor checks your device. This will ensure that inexperienced you notice any defects before operating the vehicle to give safety a safety belt. If any problems are found, do not use them until the forklift is repaired.

Here are some things you should check for your forklift before activating the ignition:

control panels such as lights, brakes, steering, and horn

Forklift roof rack

Any leaks from the bottom, such as water or oil

ensure that the tires are full of gas

The tank is full

, the fork is not damaged

, and other potentially dangerous

defective parts can lead to serious forklift accidents, It is better to find out now than to find out later. Check the entire forklift and then ask your supervisor to do the same.

Carefully do a good job in the inspection work before the operation, so that the forklift can maintain a good working state. To ensure the safety of forklift trucks, but also to ensure their own work and life safety.

It is important to remember to check for defects before operating the forklift, and not to operate the forklift if there is a problem.
(Forklift safety management).
3. Wear the right clothing When operating

a forklift, wear appropriate clothing. Wearing protective clothing is essential.

When driving a forklift, be careful not to expose yourself to any unnecessary risks. Be sure to wear a hard hat and protective glasses.

Wear gloves to protect your hands from moving parts. Wear comfortable and durable shoes.

Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes that are easy to get wet. Also avoid wearing jewelry or watches that may fall off during operation.

4, pay attention to floor markings

Whenever you use forklifts on construction sites, you need floor markings to protect workers.

Any place with physical danger should have a yellow marker so that drivers don't get close to them without knowing the potential danger.

Red markings are used to indicate fire hazards. Be sure to keep an eye on these markers to avoid surprises.

Another thing to be aware of is the director. These should be used to keep pedestrians at a safe distance away from forklifts to avoid any problems.

The development of modern technology has developed a safety system that allows forklifts to issue alarms and stop driving when people approach, pedestrians only need to wear cards, or bracelets, and once they approach the dangerous distance, warn in advance to prevent forklift accidents!

5, do not exceed the limit weight

does not exceed the capacity of the forklift is one of the important safety features. When this limit is exceeded, there is a risk of damaging the load or even hurting people.

There are many different types of loads that you can carry on a forklift. Before you decide how much weight you can safely lift, you need to know how much this forklift loads!

If you have a pallet jack, be sure not to overload it. Remember, you also have to keep the load balanced when moving heavy loads.

Another common problem is that people use forklifts to take others for a ride. Forklifts usually only have one seat for a reason. If another person needs to ride with you, make sure a second seat is installed.

Exceeding the large capacity of equipment and personnel can make the forklift unstable, resulting in a very dangerous situation.

6. Speed limit

is for good reason. They ensure that everyone's safety is protected. Speeding can lead to accidents and injuries. That's why speed limits are strictly enforced.

You should never exceed the speed limit when you drive. Doing so may result in accidents and injuries. Even if you think you can stop fast enough, you can still cause an accident.

Don't try to do any quick movements on forklifts as they can quickly become unstable. On the contrary, the turn is slower, and it is much more prudent to drive slowly than to drive fast.

Speeding is never a wise approach, and if you speed with a forklift, the risk is even greater.

In order to regulate the driving speed of forklifts, some producers and producers will indicate ultra-high speeds, but it is still impossible to enforce high driving speeds. The e-XinAn forklift management system sets a speed limit device on the forklift, and when the speed limit is exceeded, it will be alarmed to prevent speeding. Automatic deceleration at the turning point to prevent rollover.
(Turning automatic reducer).
7. Stay away from pedestrians or vehicles

When driving other vehicles, please stay away from them. Leave plenty of space between you and other cars and forklifts. This helps prevent collisions.

Make sure you don't have anything to block the view of other vehicles. This includes trees and bushes.

Your view will be blocked by these objects, making it difficult for you to see other vehicles.

However, staying away from others doesn't just apply to other vehicles. It also works for other people and work devices. Do not get too close to anything that could be damaged when using a forklift.

8, fuel your forklift

Fuel tank has a lot of fuel. A full tank means that you can drive longer without refueling. However, an empty fuel tank means if you have to refuel in advance.

Refuel your forklift at least once every two weeks. This gives you the opportunity to check the oil level and fill the tank with oil.

Be sure to check the oil level regularly. In addition, you should regularly perform maintenance checks on your vehicle.

The e-XinAn forklift management system has an event reminder function, the system will automatically remind the forklift maintenance, forklift annual inspection, personnel operation certificate and equipment expiration reminder. With the blessing of science and technology, we will never forget to maintain the forklift again.

9. Avoid nearby hazards

such as potholes, road debris and large rocks that will damage your forklift. These dangers can easily knock over your car. Be careful not to put your forklift near these dangers.

10. Correctly park the forklift

after each shift If you park the forklift incorrectly, you may be at risk of damaging your vehicle or injuring others. Proper parking of the forklift ensures safe operation.

Parking the forklift at the correct angle prevents it from rolling over. You should also use the correct method to park your forklift.

Always keep the forklift in neutral position when parking to avoid accidents when others start ignition again.

These are some of the basic tips to follow when operating a forklift. Note all the points mentioned above. Following these simple rules can help you avoid accidents when using forklifts. Remember, be smart when using a forklift truck, and don't drive if it doesn't feel right. It's better to be safe than to regret!

TEKNECT forklift management system provides a complete set of fleet management, including real-time and accurate information on forklifts and operators in the enterprise, forklift safety risks, collision avoidance solutions, accident records, forklift utilization, operation efficiency and maintenance management. If your company has questions about forklift safety and forklift management, please call us!