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  • Forklift Management and Safety Technology Solutions
    Improve Safety, Reduce Costs, Be Greener

  • Intelligent Forklift Management System—— Managing Person, Managing Truck and Managing Safety

Intelligent Forklift Truck Management System: Big Data Solution for Internet of Things

Login Management

Through APP, the administrator sets the password to the operator according to the task or training situation (the validity period can be set), and the operator enters the password to start the forklift automatically.

Forklift Impact Monitor

Teknect fleet management module contains collision sensors to sense collision forces from all directions of forklift; after collision occurs, the management module automatically alarms, and can automatically lock the forklift according to the settings.

Utilization Analysis

Teknect management module can acquire the driving situation, actual working time and standby time of forklift, so as to analyze the utilization rate of forklift, and provide data support for the manager to allocate the number of forklift.

Analysis of Personnel Efficiency

Operators'actual effective working hours, i.e. working efficiency, are displayed in the order from high to low or from low to high, and various reports are automatically pushed to managers' mailboxes.

Maintenance Management

The system can set different maintenance intervals for each type of vehicle, and the maintenance intervals can be timed by forklift start time or calendar time, etc. The system has an automatic reminder function of near maintenance and provides reports fo

Charge Management

Real-time monitoring of vehicle power, reminding drivers to charge in time, recording the information of power and fuel consumption for each shift, to prevent the impact of frequent charging on batteries.

About Us

Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded by mobile computing, big data and professional automation personnel. More than 80% of its employees have a master's degree and 100% have a bachelor's degree.

The company is committed to providing customers with complete forklift management and safety technology solutions: increase safety, reduce cost and be greener.

In 2015, the local government of Suzhou gave strong R&D support to the high-tech project of Yixin'an, and won the honorary title of "Yangcheng Lake Science and Technology Leading Talents" and "Gusu Science and Technology Starting Angel". In 2016, Yixinan will devote itself to the development of the domestic market. We look forward to establishing close cooperation with customers from various channels to provide high-quality services to Chinese enterprises. In 2017, Yixin'an Company was recognized as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech software enterprises.

At present, the company has established a cooperative relationship with major international forklift manufacturers, providing perfect forklift technical support, continuously helping customers improve product competitiveness, and achieving a win-win situation.







Pedestrian Protection System

Battery Monitoring System

Increase Safety、Reduce Cost、Be Greener

BMS is a battery monitoring system developed specifically to meet the needs of industrial and motive battery systems. The battery monitor tracks and logs various battery performance data including battery voltage, battery temperature, and battery current. A conventional current shunt is used to provide continuous battery current sensing.

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