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Industry Dynamics

Municipal Market Supervision Bureau: Safety Special Rectification Tighten the "seat belt" for forklifts

Counts:42    Time: 22-05-28    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

In order to effectively grasp the shortcomings and weak links in the safety supervision of forklift trucks in our city, so that forklift supervision is timely, all-round and without blind spots. A few days ago, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the "Special Rectification Work Plan for the Safety of Special Motor Vehicles (Forklifts) in the Field (Factory)", and deployed a 6-month special rectification work for forklift safety.

The scope of this rectification is the forklift in use in the factory area of the city (that is, the industrial production site engaged in processing, production, loading and unloading), focusing on checking whether the user units strictly implement the basic requirements of the "three aspects and 12 articles" of forklift use management, and strictly prohibit the occurrence of illegal use of "three noes" forklifts that are unregistered, have not been regularly inspected, and are operated by operators without licenses. Up to now, more than 300 copies of the "Forklift Safety Management Responsibility Notice" have been delivered, more than 20 forklift safety hazards have been investigated, more than 30 units have been inspected annually, 9 newly registered units have been registered, and 9 certificates have been issued.