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Industry Dynamics

Workplace Transport Safety

Counts:81    Time: 22-09-04    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

What to do first? 

To manage the risks from workplace transport effectively, you need to consider three key areas: 

Safe site Safe vehicle 

Safe driver

Some Dos and Don'ts 


Keep people and vehicles apart 

Have clear site rules and enforce them 

Anchor loads securely to the vehicle chassis 

Avoid the need to work at height on vehicles 


Operate vehicles unless you are authorised to do so

Safe Site

Safe site – design


 Every site is different and likely to present different hazards and risks. However, a well-designed and maintained site with suitable segregation of vehicles and people will make workplace transport accidents less likely. 

The most effective way of ensuring pedestrians and vehicles move safely around a workplace is to provide separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic routes. Where possible, there should also be a one-way system as this will reduce the need for vehicles to reverse, and will help pedestrians and drivers.