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Industry Dynamics

Explore the new model of "insurance + technological transformation + sharing", and Nantong will realize a new pattern of forklift safety and wisdom sharing

Counts:109    Time: 22-06-25    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

As a modern logistics and enterprise must-have operating tool, forklift trucks have obvious advantages in improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity, but because of their strong mobility, high danger, uneven quality of operators and other characteristics, related safety accidents occur from time to time. In order to effectively curb the momentum of forklift accidents, the Nantong Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently explored and innovated the implementation of a new model of forklift supervision "insurance + technical transformation + sharing", and made every effort to improve the safety management level of forklift trucks and effectively protect the safety of people's lives and property.

Technological transformation to enhance advance prevention

Nantong Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration implements the technical transformation covering the maximum speed limit, driver identification, seat belt management, warning safety lighting and equipment positioning of the forklift in use, realizes the automatic barrier and real-time monitoring of the status of the hidden dangers of the forklift in the operation process, and uploads the relevant information to the "Jiangsu Special Equipment Intelligent Supervision and Service Platform" in real time to comprehensively improve the risk prevention and control level of forklift operation.

At the same time, combined with the "big data" analysis to formulate practical and feasible forklift technical transformation group standards, force the forklift industry self-discipline reform, actively eliminate or transform old forklifts, promote the circulation and use of more new and efficient forklifts, and drive the optimization and improvement of forklift supervision level.

Insurance bottom, enhance after-the-fact protection

After many visits, simple technological reform can not arouse enough interest from enterprises, Nantong Market Supervision Bureau innovatively proposed to "guarantee" to promote "reform" program, which has been approved by the majority of enterprises. With a premium of 3,000 yuan for 3 years, the insurance company provides enterprises with a maximum compensation limit of 1 million yuan per accident, 300,000 yuan per casualty, 30,000 yuan / person for medical treatment, and free "technical transformation" services. By urging the user unit to insure each forklift, forklift insurance is used as a supplementary liability insurance to provide a bottom guarantee for the safety of the daily use of forklifts.

Insurance companies act as a third party to supervise and work together to prevent forklift safety management vulnerabilities. Transforming complex entanglements of interests into clear and standardized economic contract relations has greatly saved administrative resources and provided an excellent starting point for resolving grass-roots contradictions and promoting forklift safety social co-governance and sharing.

Platform sharing to enhance supervision in the event

Due to the demand for forklift trucks by a large number of small and micro enterprises, leased "off-site" forklifts came into being, although the newly revised "Jiangsu Provincial Special Equipment Safety Regulations" put forward "clear market supervision, public security, urban management and other departments of safety supervision and management responsibilities", but the problem of "off-site" forklifts difficult to supervise in various places is still insufficient at the practical level.

In order to effectively solve this problem, the Nantong Market Supervision Bureau has built a forklift "sharing platform" model by imitating the "cargo lala" model, making full use of the provincial special equipment wisdom supervision "big platform" client, releasing the "car" demand through the "big platform", and realizing a number of basic functions such as "grabbing orders and settlement" through the "big platform", gradually guiding small and micro enterprises to adopt the "long-term rental forklift" method to meet normal production and operation needs, and promoting the legal compliance of "off-site" forklifts. It not only improves the utilization rate and material handling efficiency of idle forklifts in large enterprises, but also solves all kinds of stubborn diseases of "off-site" forklifts, and takes "one block and one sparse" and "staggered peak customization" as the main concepts to achieve the full use of resources and information.

Up to now, the Nantong forklift "insurance + technical transformation + sharing" work standards and data docking format have been formulated and issued to the city's market supervision department, and more than 1,500 forklifts have been connected to the Jiangsu Provincial Special Equipment Safety and Wisdom Service Platform. In the next step, the Nantong Municipal Bureau will continue to rely on informatization, make good use of the assessment "baton", and achieve full coverage of the model in Nantong at an early date.