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Industry Dynamics

Suddenly dropped during repair! Jingjiang man's arm was stuck by a forklift...

Counts:41    Time: 22-05-31    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.


Man Chen Mou when repairing forklift truck

His arm was accidentally stuck by a suddenly lowered forklift frame

Critical moments Fire rescue personnel arrived in time

Help them successfully get out of trouble

At about 1:25 p.m. on May 23, the Jingjiang Fire Command Center received an alarm that in the village of the western suburbs of Jingcheng Street, a man's arm was stuck by a forklift frame and could not get out of the trap. At 1:30, fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene and found that the trapped man Chen Mou was lying on the ground, and his left arm was stuck by the lifting forklift frame of the forklift and could not move.

The fire rescue personnel quickly formulated a rescue plan, and after doing a good job in various protective measures, they used professional tools to successfully rescue Chen. Chen was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.