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Industry Dynamics

How much is the global and China forklift output value?

Counts:41    Time: 22-05-29    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

A few days ago, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association released the export data of various products in the first quarter of 2022. Among them, the data of industrial vehicles has also been disclosed. A few days ago, Hyster Yale Forklift Group released its investment strategy report, which outlines the relationship between the amount and quantity of forklift sales worldwide. Both KION and Jungheinrich mentioned in their recent investment briefings that the company's Chinese market accounts for the proportion of the global market. A few days ago, the report of a new round of financing for future robots also pointed out that the US market is still the world's largest forklift market by sales.
Let's measure the output value of forklift trucks in the world and China from several public data. Restore the size of the real forklift market. (The figures are the results of the analysis of The European Chain Consulting, for reference only)
What is the size of the global forklift market?
WITS announces sales in the global forklift market in 2021:
Hyster Yale Group 2022 Strategic Investment Conference Data:
According to the statistics of the above data, the global forklift sales of enterprises in THE WITS statistics are 160 billion yuan, if some of the forklift manufacturing enterprises that are not included in the statistics are included, the overall sales of the whole machine exceed 200 billion yuan, including the whole machine, accessories, aftermarket services and financial services, etc. The total market size is 300 billion yuan.
Let's take DHF magazine's global forklift ranking according to 2020 sales data published in December 2021, the total revenue of the forklift segment of the top 10 companies is 35.8 billion euros, and the revenue of the top 20 forklift segments in the world is 39.2 billion euros.
According to estimates, the operating income of forklift companies includes new machine sales, leasing, accessories, aftermarket and financial services, etc., so we judge that the sales of the entire global forklift market are 200 billion yuan, which is basically consistent. The overall scale of the merger, including the entire industrial chain, is about 300 billion yuan.
What is the size of China's forklift market?
We measure china's overall sales on the same criteria:
According to the data of 33 core forklift manufacturing enterprises in the country released by the Industrial Vehicle Branch of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association in 2021, and comparing the global forklift sales price to adjust the Chinese price system, we calculated that the overall market sales volume of forklifts in China is 46 billion yuan, and the forklift manufacturing enterprises that are not included in the statistics are counted, and the overall scale of forklift sales is about 50 billion yuan, if the forklift sales, accessories, aftermarket services, etc. are merged, The total size should reach 70 billion yuan.
In 2022, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association released the customs import and export data of China's industrial vehicles in the first quarter of 2022.
The average export value of internal combustion forklifts is: equivalent to RMB: 96800 yuan / unit
The unit price of the export amount of the manual hydraulic truck is: equivalent to 1500 yuan / unit
The export unit price of container heavy forklift trucks is: equivalent to 1.08 million yuan / unit
Because the data contains a variety of simple micro electric forklifts, the unit price cannot reflect the actual price. Due to the timeliness of customs statistics and a large number of factors that have not been registered in the industrial vehicle branch to participate in statistics, the overall number and the data of the industrial vehicle branch are largely different, and the data of the industrial vehicle branch is a summary of the 33 core manufacturers of the statistics.
Industrial vehicles (forklifts) are important material handling tools used in various economic units, are the handling tools that penetrate all aspects of the supply chain, with the intensification of the shortage of human resources, the rapid development of logistics such as e-commerce. Industrial vehicles continue to grow, and forklifts will typically grow at a rate that is more than twice as fast as GDP. This trend will not change in the next decade.